Posies with Purpose

Introducing The Posy Club Subscription

I had the idea of a ‘posy club’ a long time ago, but only now (finally!) have the time to implement it. And now’s a perfect time, because we are entering into a New Year soon. I can’t think of a better way to treat yourself, or someone else, than with a beautiful flower arrangement that tells you a story in the language of flowers. And each beautiful posy will be delivered right to your door!

In addition, for each subscription order we get, we will donate a gorgeous posy to our local hospice and/or elderly care facility. We love to spread beauty and cheer, and happy to do so on your behalf!

Learn more, and order online here. You will be purchasing one of 4 posies, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Your first shipment will be the Spring posy in March, followed by the Summer posy in June, the Fall in September, and the final Winter posy in January.

Each posy will represent its season with color, messages, and sentiments of beauty, love, fortitude, happiness, strength, wonderment, gratitude, and so much more!

Learn more here, including all the additional perks you’ll get by joining the club!

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