The Posy Club Subscription

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Introducing The Posy Club Subscription, a luxurious way to bring beauty, love, fortitude, happiness, and so much more into your life, or as a gift to another. Four gorgeous floral arrangements designed posy-style, to convey messages and sentiments in the language of flowers, shipped nationwide.

The subscription includes four unique posies, one each season of the year, expertly crafted with exquisitely colored and textured blooms chosen to symbolize varied sentiments in the language of flowers. Each posy tells a unique story and reflects our modern and daily thoughts, emotions, and special messages to lift us up, make us happy, and fill us with gratitude.

In addition to all this, we will be making a posy for donation to our local elderly care home, or hospice care for every order of the subscription that we get. Not only will you be getting a specially designed and beautiful posy, but so will another person who needs it.  Isn't that lovely? And we are happy to share and spread the love & beauty with this gesture.

Celebrate the changing of the seasons with beauty and style with The Posy Club Subscription. 

Your subscription includes sitewide discounts on all products and events.  

*Posies can be customized to accommodate special events, occasions, and sentiments.

**Shipments can be tailored to your desired timeline, but include four.  Additional posies throughout the year may be added at additional costs.