FlorioSPA by Teresa Sabankaya

FlorioSPA by Teresa Sabankaya

Simply the most luxurious line of essential oil soaps, lotions, sprays, bath bombs, and candles that can be found.  

Floriospa products are always conceived and then hand-crafted with a beautiful message conveyed by the language of flowers. Why not indulge in this re-kindled idea of receiving sentiments and messages to envelope you with thoughtful fragrances and true essential oils?

Why FlorioSPA?

After many years of trials and tribulations with skincare and home products for sensitive skin and metabolic systems, Teresa decided to invent her own line of bath soaps, lotions, and more. When you procure and use quality ingredients with zero harmful preservatives, dyes, or other inputs, you will turn out the highest quality product. That is what we've done with all the FlorioSPA products.

We do not mass produce, but rather carefully craft with care and wholistic methods every product. It's a simple concept but rarely practiced. We use only the best and unique ingredients to produce these products, including organic milks, organic and true essential oils of flowers and plants, sustainable bases, and organic and refined seed oils of rose, meadowfoam, hemp, pomegranate, and cranberry.

All items are hand-crafted in Teresa's studio in Bonny Doon, Ca