Floriospa is a collection of hand-curated, luxurious, non-toxic home and body products that offer sentiments and messages in the language of flowers and plants.

Once you indulge in FlorioSPA, you will be amazed at how lovely it is to absorb the beauty and nourishment of a well-made body and home product.  A treat for your mind, body, & soul!

Why FlorioSPA?

After many years of trials and tribulations with skincare and home products for sensitive skin and metabolic systems, Teresa decided to create her own line of bath soaps, lotions, and more. You will turn out the highest quality product when you procure and use quality ingredients with no harmful preservatives, dyes, or other inputs. That is what we've done with all the FlorioSPA products.

We do not mass produce but rather carefully craft with care and wholistic methods every product. It's a simple concept but rarely practiced. We use only the best and unique ingredients to produce these products, including organic goat's milk, organic and true essential oils of flowers and plants, sustainable bases, and organic and refined seed oils of rose, meadowfoam, hemp, pomegranate, and cranberry.

All items are hand-crafted in Teresa's studio in Bonny Doon, Ca

Fragrance Stories

Woodland Violet; Winter Garden Series~the fragrance of Violet depicts the love story of Napoleon and Josephine, and exemplifies the epitome of tender fragrances. The Woodland Violet fragrance couples the sweetness and pureness of Violet with the essential oil of Thyme, resulting in the perfect balance of stoutness and innocent sweetness.  

Enchanted; The Enchanted Posy Soap is a luxurious cleansing bar that includes the essential oils of Clary Sage for clarity and wisdom, Hyssop for cleanliness and purity, and Peony for beauty and welcome. 

Sweet Briar Rose; Summer Garden Series~ the favored rose of Shakespeare, Sweet Briar Rose, takes you on an escape into the charming world of floriography while the language of flowers envelopes you in the sentiments of love, happy life, faith, laughter, and you are perfectly lovely! A sweet note of rose, paired with the sultry oil of Frankincense, makes this bar a true delight for the senses. 

Le Muguet; Spring Garden Series~the incredibly fragrant and delicate Lily of the Valley dominates this set, with a deep undertone of Sandalwood essential oil.  It is simply divine and so upbeat and cheerful.  The Lily of the Valley is a sweet memory fragrance for most people as they are stars of the spring garden in many old homesteads.  People often get hit with a strong and beautiful memory when they smell this, and a welcoming nostalgia.