Le Muguet Gift Set

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This makes a lovely gift for any occasion and a special invitation to indulge in the wonderment of the language of flowers.  The beauty of the Lily of the Valley is matched with its unparalleled fragrance and finished with a touch of earthy Thyme essential oil in this adored fragrance, Le Muguet.  

We've wrapped it all together in a gorgeous presentation that includes Goat's Milk & Essential Oil Bath Soap, Goat's Milk Hand & Body Cream, Moisturizing Body Spray, and a beautiful Soy & Essential Oil Candle, all set into a gorgeous footed glass compote dish. That will come in handy later for a multitude of uses!

All this beauty, sentiments in flowers, and self-care wrapped into one spectacular gift, and when purchased as a set, you're getting a 10% discount too!