Language of Flowers Body & Linen Spray

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 We've bottled a feeling and sentiment with these simple yet luxurious fragrances.  Capturing the essence of the flowers they hold inside, and their rich essential oils too, you can safely spray these all over your body, and mist your bed and linen drawers with it.  Because you can never get enough of a really good thing!

Reviews from our customers

Posy Kits

The flowers are spectacular! Everything is so beautifully packed & the flowers just keep on coming & coming! The goblet is gorgeous! Everything is so elegant; the ribbons, the toile paper, and embellishments. The most gorgeous roses, hydrangea, snapdragons, mint, and all other flowers. Melanie (the recipient) is speechless at the beauty of this gift. Thank you so very much Teresa, for putting so much effort & beauty into this gift!

Kathy Bunge