Press & Media

I have been privileged throughout my career to be featured in some exemplary media outlets. I have listed some of them here;

Victoria Magazine, feature story - 2020

Cultivating Place, a Jennifer Jewell Podcast - 2020 Link to podcast

Central Texas Gardener, PBS aired nationwide - 2019 Link to piece

Special Edition Country Gardens Magazine - 2018

Slow Flowers Summit, Seattle, featured speaker - 2017 Link to video 

Field to Vase Dinner- American Grown promotional video - 2015 Link to video

Sunset Magazine’s Westphoria Blog - 2015 Link to blog

Debra Prinzing’s Slowflowers© Podcast - 2015 Link to podcast

‘Like a Florist from 100 years ago’. Additional features on the ‘Botany of Desire’ by Michael Pollan PBS Documentary - 2009 Link to video 

CBS Sunday Morning - 2007