Introducing the Queen!

It is all and everything, fit for a queen, and especially the Queen of Everything!

I absolutely ADORE this posy!  If there were ever a posy one could make and gift to me, it would be this one.  It is literally the queen!  Who doesn't love this combination of herbs, peony, cream-color roses, sweet peas!  Just to name of few and there is so much more to this posy.  Odd-ball garden hedge materials such as laurestine (viburnum) -who knew that it meant 'devoted to you', and 'delicate attention'?  What lovely sentiments!

This posy is perfection, and the most appropriate gift for a mother, or a girlfriend, or a grandmother, a girl boss!  How fun and unusual a gift, right?

And now, super exciting news's available in the new posy collection on my website!  This is new, and as a Signature Posy you can now order and I will ship anywhere in the country.  Yay!

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