A feature in Victoria - a dream come true!

A feature in Victoria Magazine

Those of you who know me, you know this magazine is the cream of the crop for me, the crown jewel, and the most influential contributor to my career choice and decisions.  Since my early 20's, I have devoured literally each and every page of this beautiful publication.  It's my go-to with a cup of coffee in the morning, and my night-time thumb-through before I turn out the lights.  It's just everything I love--travel, enterprising women, great food, glorious gardens from around the world, and just a bevy of all beautiful things in life.  

So, when the editor emailed me and said she LOVED the posy I sent her, and that they certainly must do a story, I felt I had reached the top of my own personal summit.  If you can imagine that...in short, I was elated!

I have built my business based on the principle of defining and creating my own beauty.  And then making a business of it.  And also, I have built my business in hopes of inspiring others.  Therefore, the Victoria publication is a perfect match for me to showcase my knowledge, and my idea of a beautiful and useful thing.  I've known this for many years, but never pursued it before my book was published.  And once the book was published, Victoria Magazine was top on the PR and Marketing and influences send outs.

So, in the early spring of 2019, the scene was set.  They would send a photographer in early June as we wanted a full-bloom in the rose garden.  So, of course, we went into full gear!  Fertilizing, trimming, deadheading, weeding, raking, rearranging, watering, etc. all became the daily life--even more than usual!  But we didn't overdo it.  The garden is what it is, and it's not perfect, but boy it sure is beautiful, and it brings me immeasurable joy.  I hope these pictures and the story, which is just a glimpse, will inspire you too.  Just as that publication does for me still, after all these years.  With hundreds and hundreds of stories of women before me, and certainly that many and more more to follow---out there doing what they love, and making a business of it.  Cheers to you! Keep flowering, or whatever it is that makes you tick!

My own outtakes --

The photographer-and those luscious pictures!

I have never experienced such professionalism, such precision in photography and was impressed at what it takes to capture a shot worthy of a gorgeous magazine like Victoria.  It took all day!  But the feature is quite lengthy, and for that I am grateful and so worth all the work and time it took all of us to create this dreamy scene.

In this scene, it makes my heart full to know that I have incorporated so much of the love of my friends and family.  There are pieces of them in the photo-- the table cloth from my mother-in-law, Waterford glassed from my sister for my wedding, the table my husband and brother-in-law made, the dishes are from my late sister-in-law, and the napkins from my other sister-in-law.  I think this makes this photo so much more beautiful than the eye can see.

It was a beautiful day in the garden.  Yes, it was long, and tiring, but I am looking through these images I'm sharing and it makes me so happy that I have experienced such a special time, such a magical day, and such a wonderful thing--a feature in my most favorite magazine.


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