The Wedding Posy

It has been 21 years since I made my first posy, and ever since I've wanted to create an extra special posy for a wedding.  For my own wedding 27 years ago, I held a tussie-mussie.  I loved my wedding tussie, but the problem was I couldn't put too many things inside the holder, so my bouquet was fairly small.  I had so many more flowers and herbs that I wanted to include as memorable sentiments for my wedding day but couldn't.

So, I've created this wedding posy for all those who'd like to incorporate a very rich and meaningful element to their wedding.  A bridal bouquet sets the tone for your nuptials.  I'm sorry---but it's not your dress, not your environment, and not your fiancé's beautiful suit and tie either.  The flowers you carry mark the significance of the event.  

I am thrilled to offer this posy --customized to your liking for your wedding day.  Trust me, you'll never forget it.

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