The Queen of Flowers has left the building (or, garden)

Sharing photos of my roses

This time of year is tough for me, as the glorious rose bushes have stopped their production and seemingly overnight set themselves into a state of quiet retreat complete with a defoliation and rotting, unopened blooms.  So, I say goodbye until spring, and lovingly begin to organize the photos that I've snapped throughout the spring and summer.  They never fail to stop me in my matter how many times I have seen their flowers, they always beckon me, astound me and rapture me.  So, I take a photo of their ephemeral beauty in hopes to hold on to it just a little longer.  

rose de recht

Rose de recht

golden showers rose

Golden Showers

gertrud jekyll rose

Gertrude Jekyll Rose

Symbolic of love, war, beauty, and even politics (think the war of the roses in the 15th century England), the rose remains forever prominent in our hearts, our gardens, and our bouquets.  There is no other flower that holds the history and symbolism of this flower, not even the lotus.  And in the garden, they are beautiful and command a certain spot with a yearning for attention. All this beauty and elegance, yet they are incredibly durable and resilient.  It is no wonder the rose is adored and revered all over the world, and for centuries!



Distant Drums

As a professional floral designer who grows her own blooms to use in my work, I have spend much time researching and trialing different varieties of roses.  After 20+ years of this, I think I have a good idea what works best for a beautiful display in the garden balanced with roses that produce a good amount of blooms for cut flowers.

And where to buy?  I love sharing my resources because I want everyone to experience the beauty of some of these extraordinary blooms.

There are of course, more outlets that sell beautiful heirloom, Austins, and other garden roses for cutting, but the above sources are my tried and true favorites.

Oh the roses, they will keep my heart twitter-pattering as long as I am here on earth!


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