The Posy Book Tour (RV edition)

It was the trip I'd been dreaming of for such a long time.  But I didn't think it would be in heading out of town in such a nice 'coach'.  That's what you call the big RVs, rather than a motor home.  I think it's sort of the boat vs yacht thing!  Regardless, we enjoyed the pace of the traveling.  We've seen lots of places in this country, but not nearly enough.  It's really fun to be able to roll along and then pull off somewhere and make a great meal for lunch, and then boon dock off the grid for overnight.  I truly enjoyed it, and would highly recommend this method of getting around and enjoying some good 'ol american scenery.  

On our way out of California, our first overnight was in Palm Springs, which had a night time temperature of 112 degrees.  It was HOT!


Always time for foraging!  In our RV spot in Palm Springs---eucalyptus = healing, protection

Benson, AZ

After a very long day on the road, we arrived to a beautiful scene in Benson, Arizona.  Taken right outside our 'home'.  

Me and Susannah Calhoun at her (family) flower farm in Las Cruces, NM.  How sweet is it?  She stopped what she was doing for the day and welcomed me with open arms.  We toured her farm, Calhoun Flower Farms, which was incredible!  Also met her amazing and very entertaining grand-parents.  We are now FFF (flower friends forever!)  Another #slowflowerssociety connection.  I LOVE it!

If I had to pick a favorite thing from my visit with Susannah (besides meeting gramma and grampa) I discovered a 'weed' --or so they call it in New Mexico.

This is Tamarisk.  Isn't it beautiful?  Can you imagine how lovely in a posy, or bridal bouquet?  It has an airy and fairly look and feel to it.  Susannah says that even though it's considered a nuisance in NM, she DOES use it in bridal bouquets. That's smart.  Because it's SO cool and awesome!

Teresa Sabankaya at Barnes & Noble in San Antonio, TXEl Paso Strong Posy by Teresa Sabankaya

First book event on the tour!  Barnes & Noble in San Antonio.  I'm not excited to see my name on the headline!  I'm chatty Cathy no matter where I go! (center pic), and finally the beautiful and heartfelt #sanantoniostrongposy.  

Onward to San Antonio!  The above photo is of a plant called Pride of Barbados, or Peacock flower.  Gorgeous!  And by the way, this shot was taken at the lovely Pearl District in San Antonio, which has incredibly beautiful landscaping.  If you're ever in that neck of the woods, it's worth a stop there.

Porcelain Berry Vine

Beautiful porcelain berry vine, which I found growing on a back fence in my mother's place in Angleton, Tx.  My step-father told me to be careful back there because everyone around here sprays that stuff.  They think it's poison ivy!  YIKES!  But NO! --it is Porcelain Berry, which in the language of flowers means I cling to you in both sunshine and shade, fraternal love, shyness.  I adore this vine, and will be planting some out this fall!

We are two of a kind, me and my sister.  She loves to forage too!  Look at the incredible moss that grows all over the trees down where I'm from in Lake Jackson, Texas!  LOVE!

Teresa Sabankaya and family with Debra Duncan on the set at Great Day Houston


Surprise! I was invited to come on to the show of Great Day Houston!  Watch the fun segment right here!  And look at little Violet giving Debra Duncan a kiss!

Coral Vine

While awaiting my event at Thompson + Hanson in Houston, I stumbled up on this beauty in the parking lot.  Coral Vine!  SO beautiful and incredibly fragrant that I fell head over heels in love with it.  Another plant I'm scouting for my garden now.  In the language of flowers, Coral Vine represents; mental beauty, intellectual beauty.  Aaaah I love it!

Teresa Sabankaya at Thompson & Hanson

Thompson + Hanson is an absolutely gorgeous store and garden center.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time here!  Here I am with the lucky posy winner!

Teresa & friends at Blue Willow Bookshop

Next stop in Houston is Blue Willow Book Shop, where apparently and according to this picture we had NO fun at all!  What a fine group of ladies running a fantastic indie book store in Houston!  I made some lifelong friends, and so did miss Violet!

Next stop, Austin!  Look at that big Texas sky.  

While waiting for my next event in Austin, we made a delightful visit to the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center.  What a treat!  They have managed to preserve and display some beautiful Texas wildflowers and other plants and flowers.  It's a very informative and architecturally beautiful place.  I really enjoyed it!

Then, it was off to the campus of UT Austin, at the PBS station KLRU for a filming of a segment for Central Texas Gardener (WOW!)  I can't even put into words how exciting this is for me!  I am elated and cannot wait for this to air! Which, by the way will be announced asap on social media!  

Teresa Sabankaya & Linda Lehmusvirta

I think I've met a wonderful new friend in Linda Lehmusvirta, who produces the show, Central Texas Gardener.  I enjoyed my time with her and host Tom Spencer immensely, and truly appreciate the opportunity to be included in such a high platform such as this show.  So much gratitude and joy!

Now, did you think I would pass through WACO without stopping at Magnolia?  Oh boy....I am on a diet most definitely after this stop!  What a gorgeous campus and a fun stop.  We really enjoyed that bakery the most though!  SO delicious!


As usual, Violet always makes new friends where ever show goes!  The girls at Magnolia Bakery fell in love with her, and she fell in love with their cupcakes!

Next stop, St. Louis and Left Bank Books!  Another amazing indie bookstore--so much history!  I loved hanging out at Tower Grove Farmer's Market for the event.  Thank you Kris Kleindienst for all your support and organization!  I met some amazing new friends (including Kris!) that stopped by and supported me and the book.  Again--so much gratitude.


Old Firehouse Books

And last stop--Fort Collins, Colorado at Old Firehouse Books.  Another amazing and cool indie bookstore.  I managed to avoid buying any more books for myself on this trip ---until I entered this store!  I LOVE their selection, and they have a sweet coffee shop connected right to them!  

Last posy for the book tour at Old Firehouse Books.

And now, heading home!  We were ready--it took us 30 days to complete the trip.  Enjoyed every minute.  I met some amazing people--both that were hosting me, and also came as guests to my events.  THANK YOU ALL!  I appreciate your support and love from the bottom of my heart.  I truly felt the love, and that's what makes the world go 'round.  

California bound.....

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