The most precious Violet

My late mother grew the most extraordinary African Violets, and at one point in time she entered them into the local violet show. I know she came home with at least 2 ribbons, but I cannot remember for what distinction.  

When she passed away suddenly 3 years ago I inherited her violets, which wasn't that many as she had only recently rekindled that love of growing them (at my instigation when I sent her two babies from Lyndon Lyon). I handed off a couple to my sister and kept the rest.  

Claire Nichols' African Violets

Now my goal is to keep this gorgeous violet she's holding here in 'bloom' for as long as I'm alive myself by propagating a couple of new plants each year around her birthday. I believe African Violets may be one of the easiest plants to propagate, and there are many methods that can be used. I simply scissor off some healthy leaves from the mother plant, dip the stem, which should be approx 1/2" in length, into some rooting hormone. Then I insert the stem to the bottom of the leaf into a moist medium of violet potting mix. Keep this moist at all times, set into a window of indirect sun, and in about 2 months you'll see baby leaves appear at the soil line.

Simple as that. And things such as plants handed down from generation to generation can be such a comfort. Every time I look at my violets, it warms my heart. Because those violets are really the closest thing I have to my mom now.

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