Symbolic Herbal Posies

Herbs have symbolic meanings that goes back for centuries.  I think that is so amazing!  Imagine that centuries ago, people were using the same sprigs of rosemary, lavender, oregano, rue, etc. to either use in culinary recipes for health, tuck into posies to perfume the air, or to rub into a poltice to heal their ailments. There is nothing else in the world that we have access to on a daily basis that has such a copious amount of uses, and that is so very, very steeped in our history.

I have always loved using herbs in our floral designs, and especially our posies. But there was a time, way back in the beginning of my business, I was shamed and reprimanded by a customer for using rosemary in her centerpieces.  I was embarrassed and also a little angry. Why NOT use rosemary?  Is it because I cut it from my own garden and used it in her arrangements? Because I didn’t buy greenery at the flower market? Probably so.  But, I think those days are gone, and people love to see herbs tucked into their flower arrangements.  Thank goodness!

Last year, I flowered a wedding in the Champagne region of France. The ceremony took place in a very, very old little chapel.  On the wooden pews, I placed these language of flowers posies. After the wedding, they were gifted to the chapel to keep there. How lovely!

I’ve also flowered weddings and used herbal posies as a complementary wedding favor for the guests.  Placed upon their napkins at dinner, herbal posies lend an air of elegance and thoughtfulness.  

And a very special and unique gift for an engagement (this was made for my dear nephew’s fiancée for their engagement photos.  What an incredible array of sentiments herbs can convey!


There are so many herbs with such heartfelt symbolic messages!  Here are just a few;

Lavender; luck, success, happiness

Rue; grace, clear vision, 

Thyme; activity, bravery, courage, ensures good sleep, cuisine

Parsley; festivity, gratitude, thanks, useful knowledge, a feast

Peppermint; warmth of feeling, cordiality

Sage; wisdom, long life, esteem

So why not begin creating these sweet little herbal posies?  Think of how nice one would be to handover to someone who’s suffering from insomnia, or just needs to know you care for them, and want to see them happy.  Posies don’t have to be a big ordeal!

Learn much more about how you can create lots of herbal posies in The Posy Book, and also take a look at my new modern dictionary online


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love the history connection with what the earth’s bounty offers us to play with, enjoy, make use of. Your photos are gorgeous, the arrangements rustic, earthy and must smell wonderful

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