Rose Margarita Recipe

This is now (so far), my favorite cocktail for a special occasion, and most days are special occasions, right?

You'll need to start a few days ahead to make this, but once you've flavored and colored your tequila, you can store that in the bar and it's ready for the next margarita night!  

Rose Tequila

You need to use a blanco tequila. It doesn't have to be top shelf necessarily, and the reason is that you're flavoring it, and you're also flavoring the margarita.  So the quality is up to your own discretion.  The most important thing is that it's blanco (white and clear).  I used Casamigos Blanco, but bottled my finished product in a different brand empty bottle I found because it was prettier.  I'm such a sucker for pretty things...

Harvest Rose Petals;

I used primarily LD Braithwaite, an Austin rose, and a few dark red/coral 'found' shrub roses for petals.  Gather enough petals to make 4 cups.  Rinse the petals and lay onto paper towels until they're dry from the water.  Once they're dry, add to a large glass jar and then pour a bottle of tequila into it, close the lid and let that sit on the counter for a few days.  End result should be a beautiful rose colored tequila!

Now the fun stuff....

Rose Margarita Recipe

this makes 2 standard Margarita glasses (8 oz each)

8 oz rose tequila

4 oz Cointreau

4 oz fresh lime juice

6 shakes rose water, or 1/4-1/2 teaspoon.  In this recipe, I used Fees Brothers Rose Flower Water which you can by at your local natural foods grocery, or if you can't do that you can get it here on Amazon

Rim your margarita glasses with dried rose petals.  The petals have to be pretty dry, or at least almost fully dehydrated.  Chop them into small bits with a knife, and then add a little Himalayan salt, or margarita salt flakes, whichever you prefer.  I don't use equal parts rose and salt, it's way more rose with a bit of salt.  Lay that mixture into the saucer and dampen the glass rims and dip.

Shake your mix over ice, and pour into the rimmed glasses and enjoy!

Remember, this makes a very strong and flavorful margarita, so drink responsibly and keep in mind you won't get anything done in the garden after this.  Cheers!



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