Posy Kits--the ultimate DIY Floral Box at 15% off

It's time to make a posy!

Can you imagine sending or receiving a box full of luscious blooms, fragrant herbs, an assortment of gorgeous ribbons, baubles, and fine, decorative papers? 

All this, plus a little extra, is included in a Posy Kit. Also, we include a link to watch a video where Teresa herself instructs on how to put it all together. It only takes 45 minutes approximately from start to finish, and you'll have a beautiful, well-designed posy in hand, complete with a thoughtful sentiment tag that decodes the posy's message.  

Using the language of flowers to tell a story, or convey a message, is such a unique and memorable way to herald a milestone, mark and occasion, or simply to say "I care". No other gift will be as treasured as a gift of a posy, but combine that with the act of creating the posy themselves, or yourself? Even better.

When we create beautiful things with our own hands, it requires a mindset and the act of using such a beautiful and healing medium such as flowers and plants provides us with an paralleled experience. And the outcome of your handiwork is extremely gratifying because you've taken something already so pretty in its natural state and created something extraordinary with it!

So, in honor of the closing of summer (before we lose all the glorious blooms to fall and winter) let's make some posies, and meanwhile you'll enjoy a 15% discount on your posy kit now through the end of October.

Posy Kits come with optional The Posy Book
Posy Kits come with or without The Posy Book, your choice!


Discount is automatic at checkout, shop now for your kit, and be sure to tell me your occasion or message you would like to convey at the notes in checkout!

Yes, we can ship these nationwide, and also Santa Cruz flower delivery!

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