My Journal, my journey

I’ve always wanted to create a beautiful journal. Not only beautiful, but informative too. And of course, full of inspiring topics, beautiful pictures, and a recipe perhaps here and there?

My first journal is probably more difficult—let’s hope—to write than my subsequent entries.  I am going to do this on regular basis (I’m crossing my fingers as I write this!).  I’m trying to teach myself that consistency is the key. 

That leads me to ponder, what results do I want? First, I want to entice you, I want to capture your attention.  I want my readers to bookmark this journal and keep going back to it, whether it’s for a recipe, a garden tip or resource, or an inspiring and maybe funny story of my life.  And second, I want this journal to take me off my day-in-day out world of fast paced living.  I want (need) this to slow me down, and I want it to make me stop and ponder things.  And I want that for you, my reader too.  What I really want is for it to pull us all into simple humanity.  It is going to be thought provoking, I hope….with a whole lot of ‘guts’ in it. 

 Yes, it’s going to also have some marketing, sales and agenda, events and calendars—things to do.  But that’s ok! As long as I can keep you interested in my stories and ideas, I’m happy to share and include the ‘business’ side of my daily journal too.

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