Mistletoe Margarita Recipe

You know how I love a good and festive cocktail, as if I needed a festive reason to have one, but, let's just say this Margarita brings on the Christmas cheer like nothing else.

If you've ever tried any of my cocktail recipes, you'll know that I make my cocktails strong. I like to taste my tequila, because after all, it is the key ingredient and all other elements are there to enhance and complement it. Therefore, I always recommend using a top shelf tequila. Life's too short to drink lousy tequila! I also do not include a lot of sugar, as that is nonsense. We're all adults and don't need a drink diluted down with sugar. We consume enough of that already.

So here you go, the Mistletoe Margarita. It's just the perfect holiday cocktail. Using cranberries, a little sprig of mint, and just look at how pretty and festive this presentation is! 

Mistletoe Margarita by Teresa SabankayaEnjoy, and drink responsibly!

You'll Need;

A pitcher for mixing

Fresh limes (approx. 8)

Baker's Sugar

Plain white sugar

Casamigo's Reposato Tequila or similar quality

Fresh Cranberries


Fresh Mint for garnish


First, make a rich cranberry compote:

2 cups fresh cranberries

1 cup water

3/4 c. sugar

Bring this to a boil, reduce heat and simmer until berries turn mushy, about 15-20 min. Strain it all through a fine strainer and keep liquid. 


To a drink pitcher filled with ice, add 1/2 C. cranberry compote, 1/4 C. Fresh squeezed Lime juice, 1/2 C. Cointreau, and 1/2 C. Tequila.

Stir vigorously until thoroughly mixed and chilled from the ice.

Rim 2 Margarita glasses with lime juice, and then dip into Baker's Sugar.

Use a strainer to strain the ice and fill your glasses.  

This recipe makes approx 9 oz.


Mistletoe Margarita by Teresa Sabankaya

And here he is....waiting (im)patiently for his cocktail!





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