Local Flowers delivered in Santa Cruz

At your door delivery of Posies!

OK, I miss the local deliveries and ready to get those posies launched for local Santa Cruz area deliveries! There is nothing like a face-to-face reaction of a posy recipient when they see the beautiful floral arrangement and then take a glimpse of the gorgeous and heartfelt messages on the sentiment tag. It is simply so rewarding to me and makes my heart sing.  

Being Thankful Posy

In the upcoming weeks, I will focus on opening back up our local Santa Cruz delivery zone for Posies and all else you can find on my website. Yay! 

The market in Santa Cruz for flower delivery is highly competitive, and to grab a slice of that business may be brutal, but I believe we have a good and unique product, so we'll get there.  

Up first, and always the Being Thankful Posy—ever popular any time and any occasion, but the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday isn't the same without this gorgeous posy setting front and center so the sentiments in the language of flowers are a highlight. Just click the image for a swift ride over to purchase this beauty made from all locally grown flowers and herbs.

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