Bloom Day--May

And finally, the garden is popping!

sweet woodruff

About 20 years ago, I planted Sweet Woodruff under the Oak where it spread and bloomed prolifically for many years. And then it just disappeared, so I figured it had died, and I have been missing it every year since. So imagine my surprise and delight when I spotted this robust display peeping out from the side of a rock wall. I asked it where it'd been, and what happened? Yes, I do that. I have little one-sided conversations with plants and flowers. Sometimes they're just sweet nothings, just letting them know I love and care, and other times it's a request or desire for them to bloom, or to stay on the trellis.

They only thing I can think of that prompted this rebirth is the Oak tree it grew under for so many years, and then didn't, fell to the ground last September and perhaps now the hillside is sunnier? warmer? More water from the rains? I am so happy that it's back, regardless of how or why. It's such a dainty and cute perennial, and in the language of flowers represents humility and patience, and who doesn't need that?

bearded Iris 'Indian Chief'
Bearded Iris 'Indian Chief'

The first of the Bearded Iris is here, and there will be so many more to come. Isn't it charming when we have defining memories associated with certain flowers? The Bearded Iris is this for me, as way back when I was in my early teen years, when we lived in Arkansas, there was a lady down the road from us that had an extensive collection of Bearded Iris. The display, or the 'Iris Bed' she called it, ran all the way down her property border so when you passed by her house in the car, if you looked at just the right time you'd see the crowd of flags of organized colors, like an ombre tapestry as far as the eye could see. And then, just like that, they were gone out of bloom. I've always told people that's part of the beauty of flowers, though. Because they are an ephemeral ---just quickly passing through — so they hold us accountable to look upon their beauty with attention so that we don't miss it completely. I love that about flowers.


Kolkwitzia amabilis 'Beauty Bush'
Kolkwitzia amabilis 'Beauty Bush'

Leucospermum Spider

The incredible Blushing Princess herbaceous Peony--my absolute favorite!

And that's a few of my favorites happening now. Get out there and enjoy!  

-always be blooming 



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