Autumn at Castle House & Garden

Fall is a time of reflection.  It's about letting go, soft renewal, and then rebirth.  It's a time for pondering things, people, and places.  As summer winds down we're left with sweet memories of pool parties, beach bonfires and road trips.  I love fall.  I actually adore it.  I am always, always very sentimental during this time of year and harboring deep thoughts. 

I tend to spend more time in the garden in the fall.  Not only because the autumn light in the garden is captivating and I love being there, but also because the garden requires much of a different type of work. In my garden, I am prepping for a long, cold and wet season of winter.  We may even get some frost. And I will forget to mulch and cover things if I wait--thinking I'll remember when I learn of an upcoming freeze.  I cannot even count how many plants I've lost to this way of thinking.  So the past few years I have diligently strolled through the garden scouting out small young and tender plants that are going to struggle and I tend to them with mulch.  

I love how settled-in and sure the garden feels by fall too.  It feels rugged and qualified...experienced.  The bones grew over the summer- hedges got thicker, trunks got beefy, and annuals setting their seeds seem to have launched into a wider stance and girth in their spots. 

 Dahlias are most definitely the shining stars of the autumn garden. 

Every year I scold myself for planting more dahlia in the spring.  But then just look!  What a grand idea!  One can never have enough flowers....right?

Violet the Frenchie with her crown of AstersMiss Violet here with her crown of Asters.  Asters are the flower of the month for September.  In the language of flowers the aster means healthy emotions, love & contentment.  Perfect for the fall, don't you think?

What else does fall mean to me?  Lots of things!  But here are a few more images that signify the change of seasons to me.

Apples!                               Seeds & berries

Beautiful bridal bouquets!     

Gorgeous sunsets!              Spicy cocktails!

Flowers the colors of the sunset POSIES! 


Enjoy your fall y'all!





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