April's Bloom Day

Finally! We are in the clear of rain...I think. I waited until late April to post this because, in reality, my garden and its blooms had only little progress and transformation since March's bloom post. And then suddenly, it happened.

Dombeya burgessiae 'Pink Form'

Dombeya burgessiae
'Pink Form'

From anniesannuals.com, I just planted this about one month ago, and look at it go!  Also known as pink wild pear, of tropical hydrangea, this dombeya is going to add a wonderful tropical feel to my lower border garden.


Would it be spring without the Lilacs? 

flowering apple

A volunteer apple tree placed itself in a most peculiar location in the garden, but its blossoms and actual dark red apples are just so gorgeous I don't have the heart to remove it.

Viola nuttallii

My sweet and tiny wild violets—Viola nuttallii, usually found in plains to subalpine locations, however, here they are....tons of them down by the creek. Aren't they just precious?

white camellia

I have never seen a more beautiful pristine white camellia than this Trewithin White. The blooming began in early February, and they just keep coming. I have to share the name of this beauty because I highly recommend it!  

I hope you enjoyed and you also had the chance to snap some photos of the beautiful April bloom!

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