A Floral Adventure

My book events are a floral adventure!

I'm pretty happy about my book events, and feeling super confident that I'm going to offer attendees some helpful insight to flowers, a peek into our history of the language of flowers, and tons of garden-inspired bouquets that tell a story!

What happens or supposed to happen at an author book-signing? Since I'd never done this before, I thought it may be good to do a little research.  Well, all sorts of stuff popped up, such as--reading from your book- boring, why you wrote the book OK, a little better, how you wrote the book...what?  So I decided to offer something more, an actual floral demonstration as well as a story behind the story.  I love telling stories!  And since I've spent 20+ years arranging flowers for milestone events in people's' lives, boy, do I have some stories to tell!  And that's what I did at my first book signing at Bookshop Santa Cruz.  It was a major success, and now I'm fueled up and ready to rock all these book events coming up.  I hope you can make it to one so you can see for yourself...it really is a floral adventure :)

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